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Nadia Guevara receives the 2022-2024 Drama League Stage Directing Fellowship

Nadia Guevara is the proud recipient of the 2022-2024 Drama League Stage Directing Fellowship!

One of two fellows, Nadia shares this honor alongside Atlanta-based director, Ibi Owolabi.

The Drama League Stage Directing Fellowships provide a wide range of opportunities for early-career directors, to create multiple avenues of future success in the theater industry. Providing significant financial support and health insurance reimbursement, creative retreats, network development, and residencies at multiple theater companies, The Drama League Stage Directing Fellowships also offer opportunities to direct readings and productions throughout the two-year experience. More here >>>

Receiving this fellowship is a huge, career-affirming honor and I am very grateful.

I couldn't have gotten here without the support and encouragement from my dear friends. Walter, Jamie, Paloma, and Matthew - I share this honor with you. For helping with proofreading, asking clarifying questions, and being stoked for me every step of the way. Thank you for being my chosen family.

To my mentor Lili-Anne Brown, I thank you. You were one of the first directors and theatrical leaders to really see all of me as an artist and support me enthusiastically, authentically, and generously. Working by your side is nothing but joy. I love the creative conversations that we have had, and the trust you have put in me. It's given me the audacity to go on, and to "always bet on myself".

Thank you to my sister, my mom, and my dad for letting me be myself and follow my gut. Thanks, dad for helping me get on the road for the final round when my car was busted, and for coming to all of my gigs! Thanks, mom and sister for showing interest, curiosity, and support in my work, and despite the physical distance, I always feel close to both of you.

Thank you to the cast and crew of Fefu and Her Friends at American University. Your creative energy propelled me to the final round!

Thank you Harry Poster for championing me this year. You are amazing at what you do and I admire you.

Thank you to Gabriel Steilan-Shanks, Nilan, Ali Skye-Bennet, Nicole Watson, Nicki Hunter, Emilya Capachero, and everyone working for and/or associated with The Drama League who was involved in the decision-making for this fellowship. A special thank you to Patrick Surillo!

A warm thank you to all the individuals and organizations that hired me since moving to DC - Alec Wild at ACA/GWU, the production team at Keegan Theatre, Harry Poster, Lili-Anne Brown, and Schele Williams for The Kennedy Center, Aaron Posner for American University, Paige Hernandez for Signature Theatre, and others!

Last but not least: Thanks to my dog who doesn't care about any of it, lives for a good walk and some cuddles, and is nothing but a beam of pure love, which keeps it all in perspective.

Every single professional experience or theatrical encounter of the past thirteen years has informed me and shaped me, and ultimately led me to commit to theatre directing, so I could bring cultural scrupulousness and my zany worldview to stories on stage. I have some wonderful memories and some that I'll call wisdom-builders. Each moment added to my life experience and allowed me to define and apply my values to everything that I do.

Follow me on IG @nadiaguevaradc if you want to see the creative adventures this fellowship will take me on (plus some highly curated memes and socially/environmentally conscious hot takes).

Very soon I'll head to NYC for Drama League Professionals Week and the Drama League Awards. From there I assist Kevin Moriarty for the Dallas Public Works' production of Lear DeBessonet's THE ODYSSEY, and head TCG Conference in Pittsburgh. In the fall, I begin my residency at McCarter Theatre Center which will take me to the end of the year.

In 2023, I'll be back in the DC area directing Karen Zacarias' THE BOOK CLUB PLAY at UMD College Park, and associate-directing the tour of The Kennedy Center's TYA production of ACOUSTIC ROOSTER'S BARNYARD BOOGIE (dir. Lili-Anne Brown). More to come!

With warmth, excitement and gratitude,

Nadia Guevara


Photo: After the final round at the Drama League office in Tribeca. It was an exciting day, and despite not knowing what the outcome would be, had a celebration with flowers, blueberry pancakes, and mimosas. The brunch was sweet, but brief, because I had to head back to DC to open Fefu and Her Friends at American University!


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