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October 2023:

Water by the Spoonful at Texas Tech University (Director)

February 2024:

Cinderella: A Salsa Fairy Tale at Imagination Stage (Director)

April 2024:

Spring Awakening at American University (Director)

May 2024:

TBA, Keen Theatre (Off-Broadway directorial debut)


Fefu and Her Friends

By: María Irene Fornés

Director-in-Residence: Nadia Guevara

Stage Manager: Nicole Klokiw

Set: Meghan Raham

Lights: Jason Arnold

Sound: Cresent Haynes

Costumes: Sydney Moore

Props: Cindy Jacobs

Arms Training: Robb Hunter

Cast: Zoe Babbit, Danielle Cohen, Sirra Faal, Cate Ginsberg, Ava Markhovsky, Grace Perry, Sedona Salb, Ava Wilson

Understudies/Docents: Marly Feigin, Megan Kempton, Juliana Pironti, Austin Zielenbach, Elena Zimmerman

Assistant Stage Managers: Jake Brennan, Claudia Combet

At American University

"A nuanced performance full of chemistry, female friendship, internal conflict and hilarity, the production of this drama-comedy directed by Nadia Guevara struck a reflective and influential chord...without a doubt she delivers."

-The Eagle


By: Adrienne Pender

Director & Associate Line Producer: Nadia Guevara

Stage Manager: Gabrielle Busch, Shee Shee Jin

Dramaturg: Otis Ramsey-Zoe

Set: Matthew Keenan

Lights: Venus Gulbranson

Sound: Cresent Haynes

Costumes: Paris Francesca

Props: Cindy Jacobs

Arms Training: Robb Hunter

Cast: Jared Graham, Lolita Horne, Kevin Thorne

At Keegan Theatre

"The director, Nadia Guevara, keeps the tension building while taking tight, emotional control. It’s somehow more devastating than fireworks would be"

-MD Theatre Guide

Guadalupe in the Guest Room

By: Tony Meneses

Director: Nadia Guevara

Stage Manager: Elisa Alvarez

Set: Tanya Orellana

Lights: Curtis Mueller

Sound: TJ Fucella

Costumes: Carmen Amon

Props: Shaun Tuazon-Martin

Fight Choreography: George Ye

Cast: Ciarlene Coleman, Gabriela Nelson, Daniel Novoa, Tom Steward

At New Village Arts

"...witnessing the sense of humanity and humor that Nadia Guevara, NVA’s associate artistic chief, brings to the piece"

-San Diego Union-Tribune

Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans: A Salsa Fairy Tale

Book by Karen Zacarias
Book and Lyrics by Deborah Wicks-La Puma

Director, Choreographer, Producer: Nadia Guevara

Music Direction: Benjamin Goniea

Stage Manager: Sofia Zaragoza

Assistant Stage Manager: Mashun Tucker

Set: Shaun Tuazon-Martin

Lights: Curtis Mueller

Sound: TJ Fucella

Costumes: Samantha Vesco

Props: Michelle Stann

Cast: Natasha Baenisch, Nicky Redd, Arusi Santi, Alexandra Slade,  

Tour Cast: Natasha Baenisch, Christian Contreras, Jasmine January, Nicky Redd

At New Village Arts

Palabras de encanto:
Tales of Borikén

Created by MFA Candidates Madalaina D'Angelo, Emily Erickson, Lorena Monagas, and Shannon Lynch-Zazulia with Guest Director, Nadia Guevara

Cast: Madalaina D'Angelo, Emily Erickson, Lorena Monagas, and Shannon Lynch-Zazulia

Director: Nadia Guevara

Lyrics: Lorena Monagas

Original Arrangements: Emily Erickson

Sound Editor: Alec Wild

Additional Support: Lisa Beley

These Radio Plays were recorded by the Academy for Classical Acting at Shakespeare Theatre Company and George Washington University.

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