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February 2024

Cinderella: A Salsa Fairy Tale at Imagination Stage 

Book and lyrics by Karen Zacarías, music by Deborah Wicks La Puma

April 2024

Spring Awakening at American University 

Book and lyrics by Steven Sater, music by Duncan Sheik

May 2024

Cell at Keen Company  with Drama League (Off-Broadway directorial debut!)

By Cassandra Medley

June 2024

The Survival at PACNYC presented by National Queer Theatre as part of the Criminal Queerness Festival

By Achiro P. Olwoch


Water by the Spoonful

By: Quiara Alegría Hudes

Director-in-Residence: Nadia Guevara

Stage Manager: Margaret "Maggie" Hannan

Set: Michelle N. Moore

Lights: Aaron Spivey

Sound: Cameron Martin

Costumes: Jimena Orozco

Props: Anika Adames

Fight Director: Abby Wolff

Vocal Coach: Rachel Hirshorn-Johnston

Dramaturg: Tamar Neumann 

Cast: Parker Blagg, Krystyna Gray, Devin Henely, Antwan Louis, Sethe Nguyen, Jonathan Ovando, Naomi Taylor

Understudy: Francisco Rodriguez

Assistant Directors: Eric E. Flores, Krystyna Gray

Assistant Stage Manager: Adam Yvon Harris

Fight Captain: Krystyna Gray

Photos: William Loconto

At Texas Tech University School of Theatre and Dance

Fefu and Her Friends

By: María Irene Fornés

Director-in-Residence: Nadia Guevara

Stage Manager: Nicole Klokiw

Set: Meghan Raham

Lights: Jason Arnold

Sound: Cresent Haynes

Costumes: Sydney Moore

Props: Cindy Jacobs

Arms Training: Robb Hunter

Cast: Zoe Babbit, Danielle Cohen, Sirra Faal, Cate Ginsberg, Ava Markhovsky, Grace Perry, Sedona Salb, Ava Wilson

Understudies/Docents: Marly Feigin, Megan Kempton, Juliana Pironti, Austin Zielenbach, Elena Zimmerman

Assistant Stage Managers: Jake Brennan, Claudia Combet

At American University

"A nuanced performance full of chemistry, female friendship, internal conflict and hilarity, the production of this drama-comedy directed by Nadia Guevara struck a reflective and influential chord...without a doubt she delivers."

-The Eagle


By: Adrienne Pender

Director & Associate Line Producer: Nadia Guevara

Stage Manager: Gabrielle Busch, Shee Shee Jin

Dramaturg: Otis Ramsey-Zoe

Set: Matthew Keenan

Lights: Venus Gulbranson

Sound: Cresent Haynes

Costumes: Paris Francesca

Props: Cindy Jacobs

Arms Training: Robb Hunter

Cast: Jared Graham, Lolita Horne, Kevin Thorne

At Keegan Theatre

"The director, Nadia Guevara, keeps the tension building while taking tight, emotional control. It’s somehow more devastating than fireworks would be"

-MD Theatre Guide

Guadalupe in the Guest Room

By: Tony Meneses

Director: Nadia Guevara

Stage Manager: Elisa Alvarez

Set: Tanya Orellana

Lights: Curtis Mueller

Sound: TJ Fucella

Costumes: Carmen Amon

Props: Shaun Tuazon-Martin

Fight Choreography: George Ye

Cast: Ciarlene Coleman, Gabriela Nelson, Daniel Novoa, Tom Steward

At New Village Arts

"...witnessing the sense of humanity and humor that Nadia Guevara, NVA’s associate artistic chief, brings to the piece"

-San Diego Union-Tribune

Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans: A Salsa Fairy Tale

Book by Karen Zacarias
Book and Lyrics by Deborah Wicks-La Puma

Director, Choreographer, Producer: Nadia Guevara

Music Direction: Benjamin Goniea

Stage Manager: Sofia Zaragoza

Assistant Stage Manager: Mashun Tucker

Set: Shaun Tuazon-Martin

Lights: Curtis Mueller

Sound: TJ Fucella

Costumes: Samantha Vesco

Props: Michelle Stann

Cast: Natasha Baenisch, Nicky Redd, Arusi Santi, Alexandra Slade,  

Tour Cast: Natasha Baenisch, Christian Contreras, Jasmine January, Nicky Redd

At New Village Arts

Palabras de encanto:
Tales of Borikén

Created by MFA Candidates Madalaina D'Angelo, Emily Erickson, Lorena Monagas, and Shannon Lynch-Zazulia with Guest Director, Nadia Guevara

Cast: Madalaina D'Angelo, Emily Erickson, Lorena Monagas, and Shannon Lynch-Zazulia

Director: Nadia Guevara

Lyrics: Lorena Monagas

Original Arrangements: Emily Erickson

Sound Editor: Alec Wild

Additional Support: Lisa Beley

These Radio Plays were recorded by the Academy for Classical Acting at Shakespeare Theatre Company and George Washington University.

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